Our mission is to turn our ideas & passions
into actions and foster deep relationships among
like-minded women.

Our values

Women together

We connect women & support female communities globally, as we trust we can achieve more together. Space filled with female energy carries a vibe scented with empathy, dazzling strength and profound ability to perceive more.


We worship relationships as a foundation of a real world. That is why we create environment where deep human connections can develop and thrive on the basis of common values. We intermingle online and offline to regenerate how people bond.

Give back and make impact

We each have got experience and knowledge that make us fulfilled and add a sparkle into our life. We deserve to walk our life driven by a deep purpose, enriching the world around us. Sharing experience and knowledge helps, supports and develops those who need that today. We cherish that and facilitate opportunities for you to do so.


We empower each other to take matters in our hands and act. We help one another to achieve the change and recognize our power to influence our surroundings. We believe our input is needed and we have the best qualities to follow through any idea we may have.

Our leadership

Nicole Półtorak

CEO & Founder

I have been educated as a robotics engineer (University of Southern Denmark) but have been always interested in solving social problems with technology. I care about bringing back quality relationships and bringing out women's potential. I draw inspiration from women in my family everyday.

Marzena Hope

Head of Business Development

Educated in political science (Warsaw University) and English philology (University of Łódź), I am an entrepreneur and startup founder - liberated from a hard-core corporation. I am a happy, fulfilled, proud and constantly busy mom of two, a passionate horseback rider and runner. I choose eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in my everyday life and strongly encourage others to do so.

Our story

I made multiple projects with others during my life e.g., mindfulness club, exploring the nature of food addictions or unprivileged children mentoring in small towns. These were the things that made me fall asleep each night with the heartwarming feeling of connection with the world and others. I felt the quality of my and others' life was improving - I felt happiness and I was developing myself.

However, with time I got discouraged because these projects required so much time committment on top of my everyday job, and it was challenging to find collaborators with the same passions. I was usually the only one pushing the projects forward (and pestering my friends). Then the self-doubt creeped in -"perhaps it's just better not to lean out?". I knew this couldn't be right - I've noticed so many of us nowadays sit at home alone thinking we're unique in our problems - but we're actually struggling with the same pains that could be elminated if we just shared our inner thoughts with others. This trend is even stronger among women making so much potential goes to waste.

That was the moment when I came up with the idea of Collaborette. Our online platform is a tool that provides the means of connecting amazing, talented and driven women, and allowing them to build something meaningful and fulfilling as a collective. Whether it's organizing a movie night, volunteer work or personal development, we are connecting women to lift each other up, collaborate and make something real happen. And we are getting ready to share with you what we have been working on for last months!

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